Citizens Advice - Fair Play for Prepay interactive game
Citizens Advice - Fair Play for Prepay interactive game
Citizens Advice - Fair Play for Prepay interactive game

Drench were commissioned by Citizens Advice to build a game for their Fair Play for Prepay campaign. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of issues surrounding prepayment meters, including making non-users aware of the difficulties of having one and helping prepayment meter (PPM) users to know their rights.

The game itself was a basic multiple-choice quiz format in which players had to pick the correct answer before the time ran out. The more questions answered correctly, the longer the money lasted and the longer the lights stayed on. The questions were aimed at dispelling myths about PPMs, raising awareness of the rights and facts surrounding them. The campaign included a petition for energy supplier to ‘provide better prices, more control and easier use for prepayment meter customers.’

Many thanks for sending this through… we really like it and think it looks great!

Digital Engagement Officer, Citizens Advice

Due to the need to raise awareness and gain signatures for the petition it was important that the game was shareable via social media.

We provided Citizens Advice with graphics which they could use to promote the Fair Play for Prepay promotion across social media platforms and their own website. The game itself featured share buttons which allowed players to post the game via Facebook or Twitter.

The campaign was a big success with significant social media interaction and over 4,500 signatures on the petition. Third Sector, the UK’s leading publication for the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, even named it their Digital Campaign of the Week (w/c Nov 17th 2014).