Edrington Beam-Suntory (Hope and Glory)

The Whisky Yearbook& Website

Report design, Web design

Working alongside Hope & Glory PR we worked with Edrington Beam-Suntory, one of the UK’s biggest producers of many popular whisky and alcohol brands worldwide, to create the very first Whisky Yearbook and accompanying website for 2019.

The Whisky Yearbook is an annual guide to the whisky category in the UK and a forecast of future trends. We worked with a local printing expert to give the hardback version of the yearbook a luxurious finish, with soft touch paper used within and copper foil and debossed finishes used on the leatherette cover.

The website, designed to accompany the printed yearbook and allow the public to view the findings, uses the same unique layout and sweeping imagery to create consistency between the two mediums.

The cover features copper foil and debossed finishes
A custom page size is used to create a uniquely shaped book
Brand photography is used extensively throughout the yearbook

A website to accompany the yearbook

When creating the yearbook we wanted to make a top quality book for the coffee table by giving particular attention to the print finishes and paper stock used. We also wanted the accompanying site to have the same top quality finish and feel by using consistent imagery and layouts and making sure it worked on a variety of different screen sizes.

Large sweeping imagery also carries over to the site
Key stats and figures are clearly highlighted

"We worked with Drench on the design of the Whisky Annual and microsite to be shared with our client’s key customers and media. They were terrific to work with throughout, from the planning and design stage through to their attention to detail and ruthless efficiency in delivery. Will absolutely be using them again in future."

James Bunting – Associate Director, Hope & Glory