Little Guide to Lagom

Print, Illustration by Matt Joyce

As part of research into the nations thoughts on money and wealth Barclays found that the average Brit thinks they would be happier if they earnt more.

Barclays wanted to challenge the UK’s perception of wealth and show how Brits could boost happiness and wellbeing by taking lessons from one of the world’s happiest countries, Sweden. They teamed up with author and lagom expert, Linnea Dunne, to create Barclays ‘Little Guide to Lagom’, lagom being the Swedish art of little and often.

Working with illustrator Matt Joyce, we produced the guide in the form of a small postcard book. The guide includes Linnea’s 5 main tips on living the lagom way with regards to your finances as detachable illustrated postcards.

The guide, postcard sized, is perfect bound with a dark blue spine tape
The beginning of the guide explains what lagom means
We peppered elements of the main tip illustrations throughout the guide
All 5 tip postcards illustrated by Matt Joyce
The guide was featured on the Barclays.home site