NHS 111

Client: Freuds for NHS England

Date: January 2018

We put together an animation as part of a social media campaign by Freuds for NHS England.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the range of services available via NHS 111. We put together a full animation as well as GIFS and graphics optimised for twitter.

What are Stem Cells

Client: Future Health Biobank

Date: November 2017

As part of a targeted social ad campaign Future Health Biobank approached us to create a series of animations on each of their key services.

The first animation focused on explaining the key benefits of stem cells and how they can be collected at birth.

Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker campaign

Client: Hotels.com

Date: June 2016

To visualise global research conducted by hotels.com Drench put together an animation, looking at how mobiles have changed the way we book holidays and what we use them for whilst on holiday. The animation was part of a bigger campaign which included several infographics and translated versions.

To view the full project click here.

Britain’s Unpaid Overtime Culture

Client: SPANA

Date: June 2016

To showcase the results of a survey commissioned by SPANA, about the amount of hours Britain’s workforce decide to work unpaid each year, we created this animation along with a supporting infographic.

Did you know that on average people only take 31 mins of their hour long lunch break? This, along with starting work 17 minutes early, adds up to some long overdue overtime pay!

Global Bike to Work Day

Date: May 2016


To celebrate Strava’s global bike to work day we put together an animated infographic come micro website. Using research from our friends OnePoll. We found that the average cycle commute was 5.4 miles while those in the West Midlands had on average the longest commute at an impressive 6.2 miles.

Check it out here.

The History of Sweets

Client: Tangerine Confectionery

Date: November 2015

Confectionery historian Tim Richardson (what a job!) put together a timeline of sweets for Tangerine Confectionery.

We then had the pleasure of putting together a fun animation and infographic for the campaign which was subsequently picked up by several major news sites.

Free public wifi

Client: Department of Culture, Media and Sport

Date: February 2015

A project for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to promote their free public wifi scheme.

The animation was part of a nationwide campaign that also required a Vine and social media branding which can be seen here.

Panel overview

Client: OnePoll

Date: September 2015

An animation showcasing key profiling data for the OnePoll research panel. The 2-minute animation features a selection of panel demographics including age, relationship status, lifestyle, family, work and finance.

View more OnePoll materials here.

What is a PR survey?

Client: 72Point.us

Date: May 2015

Explainer animation for 72Point.us explaining how PR surveys increase brand awareness and generate positive exposure.

End Hunger Fast

Client:End Hunger Fast

Date: February 2014

Animation for the ‘End Hunger Fast’ campaign which aims to highlight the increasing number of people relying on food banks and the rise of poverty in the United Kingdom.

Meet the family

Client: SWNS

Date: February 2015

An animated ‘road map’ showing the heritage of SWNS and its family of companies and brands. This promotional device works as an explainer video to inform clients of the company history and range of services on offer.